Mary Nevius

for Republican PCO 528 Clark County, WA

I have been involved with the Clark County Republican Party since 2012 and ask for your vote so I can continue to help the party move forward in our community.

I support the Clark County Republican Core Principles and Platform.

Link to Precinct 528 map.

2012 Elected PCO 528
2014 Elected PCO 528
2016 Elected PCO 528
2016 Ran Precinct 528 Caucus
2016 Served as Legislative District 20 County Convention Chair
2018 Elected PCO 5282018 Elected Legislative District 20 Chair
2018 Appointed Operations Committee Chair

2019 Lincoln Day Dinner Committee (served as head of exit team and assisted Treasurer with follow-up bookkeeping tasks)

I have worked hard for the party over these last months and donated all my labor and received no compensation.

As Operations Chair I :

  • Solved ongoing email delivery issues
  • Created and manage community based CMS website includes hosting on VPS server, security, software updates, SEO, graphics
  • Help manage social media
  • Set up event calendar to manage internal and external events including ticket purchases
  • Set up donations on the website for less $ than previous donation method
  • Technical support as needed as it relates to web site functions
  • Create, send, and manage CCRP email newsletters
  • Established secure document management system for sensitive meeting notes and other documents
  • Set up an E-Commerce system to sell merchandise
  • Created graphics and printed materials for 2019 Night Before New years Eve Fund-raiser
  • Created graphics and printed materials for 2020 Lincoln Day Dinner (so far not held due to pandemic)
  • Work with Treasurer to manage donations, ticket, and merchandise sales
  • Set up online auction system after Lincoln Day Dinner was postponed to continue revenue stream
  • Currently working with Assistant Treasurer to compile data collected on the website into a report that can easily be integrated into the bookkeeping system.

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My opponents: I have 2 opponents this year and my question to them is, "If you care about the Republican party, why did you not attend the Caucus in March ?" It's a simple question, really.

*Update, one of my opponents endorsed me on my personal facebook feed.

Mary Nevius Voting Recommendations:

3rd Congressional District: Jaime Herrera Beutler
Washington State Governor:  Loren Culp  Link to Governor debate.
Culp is a serious constitutional candidate with incredible momentum. I finally decided on Culp after carefully considering other candidates. After reviewing Google search trends and reviewing the contributions recieved by all candidates, I believe he is the choice of the people and not big business.
LT. Governor: Joseph Brumbles or Marty McClendon
Brumbles the serious patriot candidate. Decent momentum considering the uprising of the patriots.
McClendon the apparently generally conservative candidate. Not much momentum I can detect.
Secretary of State - Kim Wyman
Treasurer - Duane Davidson
State Auditor -Chris Leyba

Attorney General - Mike Vaska
Insurance Commissioner - Anthony Welti
Commissioner of Public Lands - Sue Kuehl-Pederson
Superintendent of Public Instruction - Ron Higgins
18th LD State Senator - John Ley
18th LD State Rep. pos. 1 - Brandon Vick
18th LD State Rep. pos. 2 - Larry Hoff
17th LD State Senator - Lynda Wilson
17th LD State Rep. pos. 1 - Vicki Kraft
17th LD State Rep. pos. 2 -
20th LD State Rep. pos. 1 - Brian Lange
20th LD State Rep. pos. 2 - Ed Orcutt
49th LD State Senator - Rey Reynolds
49th LD State Rep. pos. 1 - Kelli Fiskum
49th LD State Rep. pos. 2 - Justin Forman
Clark County Council pos 3 -  Karen Dill Bowerman
Clark County Council pos. 4 - Gary Medvigy

Here is some good advice from Glen Morgan Overlooked Washington State elected offices on primary ballot 2020– who are these people?

PCO Precinct Committee Officers

There are over 300 precincts in Clark County. Many of these have contested races, it would be to long to list them all here. I will be happy to let you know who I would vote for in your precinct if you would like to email me directly at mary @

Not sure what precinct you are in or who is/will be on your ballot ? Go to



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